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Door finger guards for schools and kindergartens

Finger Alert 110° okay

“Door finger guards” also known as “finger guards” serve as shield protection to cover the opening on the hinge side of the door. By installing finger guards on doors finger entrapments are prevented. In schools and kindergartens still many kids get their fingers pinched between the door. Children often grab and touch their surroundings, so when they are near a closing door, it can result in a very nasty injury.

Research shows that yearly thousands of accidents occur where fingers are pinched in between doors. Door finger guards for schools and kindergartens are a simple solution to prevent kids from getting their fingers entrapped.  Arte Viva offers 2 finger protectors against finger entrapments: the Finger Alert 110° and the Finger Alert 170-180° Professional.

Transparent finger guard 

In schools and kindergartens, there are many doors where children can get their fingers entrapped, such as the doors in the toilets. Usually, these internal doors do not open further than 110° and are not thicker than 5 cm/2 inches. The transparent Finger Alert 110° finger guard easily shields the openings of these doors and protects children from getting hurt. The door protection consists out of two parts: a wide and a small profile for both sides of the door. The Finger Alert is simple to install and is available in transparent.

Professional door finger guard

Outside doors, main doors and other heavier doors in kindergartens, day care centres and school need to be child safe as well.  The Finger Alert 170-180 Professional door finger guard is, as the name implies, a professional solution to protect children from slamming doors. Being tested for durability and strength, the Finger Alert Professional is the first and only door finger guard to meet the highest standards in the world. The finger protector is suitable for inside and outside doors that open up to 180 degrees or have an opening degree of 22 cm from the door to the door frame.  For doors with a wider opening, we offer the Finger Alert Extreme. The Finger Alert 170-180° professional is available in white, anthracite, and brown.

Benefits of Arte Viva’s door finger guards:

  • Simple and fast to install
  • A set for both the inner side and the outer side of the door
  • SKG certificate
  • Durable


Which of the 2 door finger guards is suitable for you? It depends on the type of door where the protection is to be installed. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the fingerstrips from Arte Viva, feel free to contact us through our email or call to +31 343 57 69 54

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