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Corner guards

Corner protection for an environment with children

Sharp corners and edges are easily shielded with the corner protection from Arte Viva. Our corner protectors are suitable for making the edges of walls, window sills and tables, among other things, child safe.

Corner protectors
Corner Guard Standard

discrete bumper

ideal for hospitals and care centers

quick installation

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Corner protectors
Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil

for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds

corner guards for indoor and outdoor use

protects corners and edges

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Corner protectors
Corner Guard Deluxe

for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and swimming pools

indoor and outdoor use

bite-resistant, EN71 standard

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Corner protectors
Corner Guard Table

child safe table corner

mount on plastic, glass, wood and metal

easy fix

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Three types of corner guards for walls and corners

Arte Viva specialises in child safety solutions. In our assortment you will find various corner protection solutions which have been specially developed for environments with children. Our corner protectors are not only intended for indoor use but can also be installed outside. The Corner Guard Standard is available in two colours and can be used in any interior. The Corner Guard Deluxe is available in five bright colours. There is also a Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil corner protector in pencil look.

In addition to these three corner protection solutions, Arte Viva also has the Corner Guard Table in its range. The Corner Guard Table has been specially developed to protect against sharp corners on tables.

What is a corner guard for walls and corners?

Corner protectors for walls and corners cover sharp edges that can cause unpleasant accidents. The edge of a wall or window opening appears harmless and may be so in a normal situation. In an environment with many growing and playing children, however, this changes. Think, for example, of children who play catch and run quickly and close to turns along and around corners. It often happens that children slip or stumble. Suddenly the harmless wall is less harmless. The sharp edge can cause unpleasant injuries if a child has an accident. To prevent this, it is recommended to protect the corners with edge protection.

What is the best place to apply the corner protection?

The best places for corner protection are in environments where many children run or where children regularly play. It is not necessary to protect all corners and edges in the nursery, kindergarten, or facilities for people with disabilities, but still where children increasingly stay.

Does the corner guard fit in with the furnishings of our day care centre, our kindergarten or our facility for people with disabilities?

In our assortment there are three different types of corner protection. Some of our corner protection products are designed to stand out, while others are designed not to stand out. The Corner Guard Standard, for example, is available in white and transparent in order to attract as little attention as possible and still offer the desired protection. The Corner Guard Deluxe and Corner Guard Delxue Pencil, on the other hand, were designed to stand out. These two corner protection options add color to the environment and are available in yellow, red, light grey, blue and ivory, as pencils they are available in yellow, red and blue.

Is the Arte Viva corner guard suitable for outdoor use?

The Corner Guard Deluxe is suitable for outdoor use.

Which corner guard should I choose?

Arte Viva has various corner guard products that fit many facilities. You can find more information about the different types of corner guards by clicking on the products at the top of this page.

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