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Child safety window locks

The window safety lock from Arte Viva is a simple solution to limiting the opening of the window, so that children cannot climb or fall through it. The Window Alert window safety lock makes the house safe for children and secures the house against any burglary. 

The window safety from Arte Viva is very recommendable for the first and higher floors of homes and schools. The Window Alert restricts the window opening to 10 centimeter (4 inches), which keeps your child safe and your home secure for unwanted intruders. The window can still be opened normally, but this requires a two handed operation and key. In kindergartens there are often several floors, creating portential dangerous sitiuations, therefore window security locks are very important.

Children should be playing in a free and safe environment, a window security creates a safer environment. These window safety locks for children’s rooms also protect you from burglaries. Besides the Window Alert, Arte Viva offers other child safety products such as finger door guards and corner guards.

The advantages of our window locks: