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Schools and nurseries nowadays are so different to those from decades ago. Previously, most school buildings were only on the ground floor, while nowadays we are seeing more new building projects with multiple levels. The greatest benefit of a school building with multiple floors is space saving. There is more room for school square and the parking space for parents or caretakers are better structured.

The higher class of the primary school generally goes to the first floor of the building, while the younger group stays on the ground floor. In the past, window protectors were important against theft and burglary. Nowadays, window protectors have an extra function: which is to create safety for kids. Windows must be opened for ventilation, however, safety for kids must also be guaranteed.


Window Alert closed

Window protection systems

A window protection safety system as can be seen in the picture above offers a solution in the field of child safety and also against burglary. The application of window protector for kids is important, but they should be able to be opened in case of emergency.

The ‘Window Alert’ from Arte Viva is a solution against burglary and takes care of safety. Children are safe at the windows inside the building. The Window Alert is not only suitable for schools and child cares, but also for home safety. The window can be opened with the key, without the key there is a limited and safe opening angle.

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Together with the window protector, Arte Viva also offers other child safety products, as can be seen in the overview. If you would like to know more, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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