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Finger Alert Door Slam Stopper

Whether you let fresh air flow through an open door or the children are overexcited to go out: A door can slam shut without a moment’s notice. What is often forgotten is that open doors and windows need to be fixed or protected to prevent slamming. Slamming doors are not only loud and scary for children, they are a major danger for pinching their fingers. Door blockers and door stoppers prevent the doors from slamming shut. The Door Slam Stopper is the perfect consumer friendly safeguard for slamming doors. Inside and outside doors can be secured by installing the Door Slam Stopper on top of the doorpost.

When the door closes at a high speed the Door Slam Stopper prevents the door from shutting. This prevents children’s fingers from getting injured if they end up between a slamming door. Close the door at a normal speed, the stop does not block and you can close the door as usual.

Besides the Finger Alert Door Slam Stopper, Arte Viva offers several finger door guards against finger entrapment on the hinge side of the door. There are two different finger guards for doors available: Finger Alert 110º and Finger Alert 170 – 180º Professional.

Happy fingers with the Finger Alert finger protection for doors! 

The advantages of our Door Slam Stopper:


Prevents doors from slamming shut

For internal door and external doors

Easy to install

Heavy duty and durable

Consumer friendly

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  • Door post should have a minimum thickness of 4 cm
  • Put device on the top of the door frame only
  • There has to be at least 8 cm of free space from a closed door at the top side of the door frame
  • Spray WD40 on the pin and into the stopper, repeat once every 3 months
  • Ensure that the product does not interfere with shutting the door


The Finger Alert Door Slam Stopper can be installed on almost any door to prevent it from slamming shut and causing related injuries. The device has been tested by SKG and can even stop heavier doors. Through its easy mechanism it is low on maintenance and is therefore perfect for kindergartens, schools or even at home. Discover our other Finger Alert systems to secure doors:


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