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Anti Slip Stickers

Child safe anti slip stickers

The colored Anti-slip Steps of Arte Viva prevent slipping on slippery floors or stairs. Children are often busy playing, and thus, not recognizing hazards. Running over a wet floor can therefore end in a nasty fall. ArteViva’s anti-slip stickers feature a robust coating that provides grip to prevent accidents. The colored feet create a safer environment and also function as a mark on the floor and stairs. The anti-slip feet are playful and stimulate the attention of children.

The Anti-slip Steps are anti-slip stickers in the shape of feet. Their special anti-slip layer prevents children from falling, and spares them from getting hurt. The use of the Anti-slip Steps makes your kindergarten, pre-school, elementary school or home safe for children!

Arte Viva also offers door finger guards and corner protectors.

The advantages of our Anti Slip Stickers:

playful feet

prevent slipping and falling

stick it and ready

promotes to sit on toilet

robust anti slip

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Arte Viva's Anti-slip stickers

  • Prevents slipping and falling
  • gives children guidance to walk next to the banister
  • no more slipping on floors like in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms
  • encourages children to SIT on the toilet and keeps the bathroom cleaner
  • made of PET
  • easy to apply (self-adhesive)
  • a set consists of a left and a right foot
  • available in red
  • size: 8,8 x 12 cm / 3.5" x 4.8"


Child safe anti slip stickers Anywhere children are playing there's always the risk of an accident. The Arte Viva Anti-slip steps prevent slipping and falling and creates a safe environment for playing. The childfriendly design turn the non-slip tape into a highlight in every room. The Anti-slip Steps make kindergartens, schools and homes safer for children. The anti-slip stickers create a safe environment and function as a marker on the floor or on stairs. If the non-slip tape is stuck on the floor next to a toilet, children will be encouraged to sit on the toilet. The inspiration for the Anti-slip steps came to us because we always want to create new and innovative child safety products. Arte Viva - we care about your child's safety! Our other child safety products: 



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