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For Architects: Designing a Safer Space for Children

Architects are the masterminds behind every building. It is part of their role to plan and design a building, but the thinking process goes beyond just that. Every relevant aspects must be taken into consideration from the beginning to end and this include proposing ideas, advising clients and working together with contractors.

When it comes to building educational spaces such as kindergartens, there should be a good balance between aesthetics and safety. Of course both the client and the architect wants to have and produce a nice looking building, but nice looking building does not mean that it can’t be safe, can it?

There are quite a range of safety equipments that should be installed in schools. In the Netherlands, it is required for kindergartens to install finger door protections at schools in order to protect kids from finger entrapment injuries. Another product that can be useful is corner protectors for walls. However, some architects are not necessarily “fond” of how these safety products look. They are not the most aesthetically pleasing product, so to say. Regardless, it is important to install them anyway!

These products can not be ignored in an environment where children play and grow


Arte Viva tries to give offer the full package of safe and good looking products for its clients. Our products are made to look either in unique shapes or nice colors.

Corner Guard Deluxe on wallCorner Guard Pencil website previewCorner Guard Deluxe 5 colors

Our Corner Guard Deluxe comes in Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, Ivory and a Pencil shape! Which are some unique and vibrate colors that would fit perfectly to create a nice looking kindergarten with  playful environment. Other uniqueness of our corner guards include: bite resistance and shock absorbing.These corner guards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they are also easy to install.Thus, not only does it have a playful design, it also guarantees safety at school environment!


Finger Alert Pro safe boyFinger Alert Pro white on door e1496142966483Finger Alert Pro red door preview

Our Finger Alert Professional comes in 3 colors: White, anthracite and brown. In terms of shape, they may not be the most unique looking but they sure are durable. They protect both the hinge side and the handle side of the door! The 3 colors, are nice-looking neutral colors that would match various door frame colors!


  • ‘Sleek’ design
    • Cover doors completely for a beautiful finish and the best protection
    • Match colours door finger guard, door, door frame for subtleness


  • Product features
    • Highest safety certificate
    • Extremely durable  
    • Easy to install
    • Inside and outside
    • Millions have been installed   

It is the prescribed solution by governments globally!

Overall, ensuring safety at kindergartens and school is crucial, but that does not mean it cannot look nice! Arte Viva offers just the right solution for architects to fulfil what their clients in the educational sector might just be looking for. With this, kids can now learn, explore and play in a unique, good looking and safe environment.

Our Door Finger Guards:download Brochure A5 1016

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