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Finger protection for nurseries and schools

Finger protection for nursieres and schools

Deurstrip voor shcool en kinderdagverblijf e1526841833501It is all too common, a child pinches his or her finger between the door. A very painful experience that could easily have been avoided. A door finger guard completely shields the hinge side of the door and makes it impossible to pinch the finger. The door finger guards are mandatory in schools and nurseries in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Fortunately we find finger protection back at schools and day-care centers throughout the country.

Which finger guard should I use?
Door finger guards are available in different types and sizes. This can make it difficult to make the right choice, “how do I make my door as safe as possible and prevent finger entrapment for children?” First of all, it is important to look at the type of door. Attention should be paid to the length of the door and the opening degree. It differs for each situation which door strip fits best. Arte Viva’s finger protection have been tested for 1000,000 opening and closing movements in order to guarantee the quality of the product. Our door finger guards can be found anywhere in the world, we distribute it to more than 50 countries.

Finger protection from Arte Viva

Deurstrip voor school

Door finger guard – Finger Alert 110º

The Finger Alert 110º door finger guard is specially designed for the consumer market and the price-sensitive professional market including schools and nurseries. The Finger Alert 110º consists of a wide and a narrow strip. The finger guard is easy to assemble and available in different colors and sizes.

Door finger guard – Finger Alert 170º-180º Professional

The Finger Alert 170º-180º Professional door finger guard is, as the name says, specially designed for the professional market. The door guard is suitable for doors that open up to 180º or have an opening of 22 cm from door to door frame. This finger guard is available in different colors, so you can match the design of the room.

Door finger guard – Finger Alert Extreme

The Finger Alert Extreme door finger guard has a large coverage area and is therefore suitable for doors that open further than 180 °. This extreme finger guard can easily be applied to plastic or aluminum doors where the gap between door and door frame is greater than 20 cm.

Need help with your choice or more information?

Do you want to know which door finger guard is most suitable for your situation? Click on “help with selection”, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.