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Finger Alert Door Blocker

Door Stop for Children

The Finger Alert Door Blocker is a simple but effective solution to prevent children from pinching their fingers between the door and the frame.

Make doors safer by attaching this door blocker over the door handle. Turn the door buffer in horizontal position and prevent a door from closing. Close the door by turning the hand in a vertical position.

This finger protection for doors is easy to install, saving you a lot of time and accidents. This cheerful hand against finger entrapment is the ideal complement for child-proofing doors.

Besides the Finger Alert Door Blocker and Door Stopper, Arte Viva offers several finger door guards against finger entrapment on the hinge side of the door. There are two different finger guards for doors available: Finger Alert 110º and Finger Alert 170 – 180º Professional.

Happy fingers with the Finger Alert finger protection for doors! 

The advantages of our door stops for children:

prevents slamming of doors

easy installation with 3M tape

cheerful design

fix between 160-180 cm height

made of EVA foam

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Simple and quick solution against finger entrapment

  • sticks with 3M tape
  • mounting height 160 - 180 cm
  • material: EVA foam
  • dimensions: 12 x 10 cm
  • weight door stop: 25 gram


Finger Alert Door Blocker

Avoid injuries of children's fingers from slamming doors with the Finger Alert Door Blocker. In kindergartens, nurseries, schools, healthcare facilities, homes and public places, many doors have been made safer with these happy hands. By installing the Finger Alert doorstopper, you create a safe environment for children!

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