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Corner Guard Deluxe

Colorful Corner Guard for childcare

The Corner Guard Deluxe is the perfect corner protector for the professional market. The Arte Viva corner guards protect children from dangerous corners and edges. Prevent injuries from falling at schools, kindergartens, and playgrounds.

A collission with a sharp angle or edge can have serious consequences for children. The robust material of the Corner Guard Deluxe absorbes the heaviest crashes allowing children to come of well from an accident. In an environment where children are playing we have an accident waiting to happen, therefore Corner Guard protectors are essential.

Find more child safety solutions to avoid accidents and injuries: the fun Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil and finger protection for doors.

The advantages of our corner guards:

for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and swimming pools

indoor and outdoor use

bite-resistant, EN71 standard

flame retardant (UL94 HBF)

robust and shock absorbing

easy to attach

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Arte Viva's Corner Guard Deluxe

  • for indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • fire retardant
  • bite-resistant
  • dimensions: 100 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm
  • weight corner guard: 460 grams
  • colours: ivory, yellow, blue, light grey and red
  • resistant from -20 to +80° Celsius
  • made of polyurethane integral foam with closed skin
  • easy to attach with MS Polymer (order extra)


Corner Guard for children Young children fall. It is part of growing up. The Corner Guards from Arte Viva prevent injuries caused by falling on corners and window sills. Edge protection is, in our point of view, essential at schools, kindergartens, child daycare centers, playgrounds etc. Besides the wall corner guards, Arte Viva offers Finger Door Guards which prevents finger entrapment in doors. Our other corner guards:


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