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Child safety

Child safety is essential for children to grow up, both inside and outside the house. Every year there are many accidents where children get hurt. Small mistakes can have large consequences, especially when it comes to kids. To increase child safety is therefore very important, not only at home but also at primary schools and child day cares. Arte Viva is supplier of safety solutions for babies and children.


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Babies and Children Safety

When babies start crawling and exploring, the house must be as safe as possible. At this stage of life, kids are still very vulnerable and every harm must be avoided at all times. Parents should check all dangerous objects and create a safe child environment in the house.

Tables have sharp corners where children can easily bump against. When the first steps are taken, corner protectors become more important. Not only table corners, but also corners of walls can be sharp. Shield these sharp corners for children to avoid injuries. Prevention is better than cure.

In the next stage of life, child safety is just as important. When a child is in the so-called life stage of “school child” , the chances of bumping and falling injuries increases. The children plays outside more often where the chances that they hurt themselves increase. The corners of walls are dangerous for kids who are playing, in case of a fall, the wall can cause an awful injury. Next to bumping and fall injuries, injuries by finger entrapments is a common incident to children. Every year, there are many hospital visits due to kids getting their fingers pinched in between doors, potentially resulting in traumas for the rest of their lives. Finger entrapment is simple to prevent by installing door finger guards or door hinge shields to protect fingers.



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Safety at schools and kindergartens

In places where many children are together, such as in primary school and kindergartens, child safety cannot be neglected. Still every year, many accidents frequently occur that can simply be avoided, such as finger entrapment between doors. Primary schools and kindergartens need to create a child safe and a carefree environment for children, teachers and parents.

The kindergarten is very thrilling for many children, surely at a young age they also find it scary without the parents. For both the parents and the kids, the environment must be as good and as safe as possible. Young children fall easily, so table corners, wall edges and window sills can cause injuries to them. Corner protectors prevent bump and fall injuries to children.

Just like in kindergartens, safety in primary school must be ensured as much as possible. In primary school there are many children that play at the same time, where an accident occurs easier. Finger protection on both the hinge side and the handle side of the door should prevent finger entrapments. Finger protectors are mostly used in schools and child day cares, but the products are also suitable for hospitals and retirement homes.



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Arte Viva

Our mission is “creating a safer world for children”. Child Safety is at the heart of Arte Viva. Child injury is a quick shot, what often don’t know is that apart of this injury can be simply prevented. We offer solutions that contribute to child safety and which are indispensable in schools and day care centers.

The childproof products of Arte Viva

Arte Viva offers various child safety products. These products are shown in the product overview. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, please contact us.


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