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Finger Alert 170-180º Professional

Door finger protector

TUV Arte Viva Finger Alert 170-180

The Finger Alert 170-180º Professional is a professional finger protector for doors. These Finger protectors consist of a strip for each side of the door and two click strips, possible to order separately. The strips are able to withstand normal wear and tear.The Finger Alert finger guards for doors are easy to install which saves a lot of time (and money). With the click strips, these door finger protectors can be detached from the door for maintenance in a few seconds.

  • lengths: 180 cm, 195 cm, 229 cm and 245 cm
  • colours: white, brown and anthracite
  • tested by making 250,000 opening and closing movements
  • two year warrenty
  • 5-8 minutes installation time per strip of 180 cm
  • TÜV certified
  • suitable for swing doors (please use 2x wide strip)
  • suitable for automatic doors (according to the new EN 16005 norm) click for image


The  Finger Alert finger protectors for doors are suitalbe for doors opening up to 180º or opening angle of 22 cm from door to doorframe. The opening angle may be limited due to hinges that protrude beyond the door, like cantilever hinges. In these cases, the angle of opening should effectively be limited by the use of door closers or door stops.

Professional door finger protectors

Arte Viva's professional finger protection for doors prevents fingers from being trapped in doors. The Finger Alert is suitable for use at schools, kindergartens, child day-care centres, elderly homes, public buildings etc.

Besides door finger protectors, Arte Viva sells door blockers for the handle side of the door. See also our corner protectors.

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