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Our mission

‘Creating a safer world for children' is our mission. We are striving to create a safer environment for children. At schools, kindergartens, child daycare centres playing children can always be found. An accident can happen at any place at any time. However, with Arte Viva's products we are building a safer world for children by preventing painful and serious accidents to children.

This is what you want to prevent. (note: shocking picture!)

Arte Viva

Arte Viva is a dynamic Dutch company specialized in innovative niche child safety products. It was started in the year 2000, and currently our products are being sold in 60 countries on 6 continents. Arte Viva produces its products mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Some production is in the Far East.

It is Arte Viva's aim to invent, to develop and to produce our goods in Western Europe.


In 2012 we moved to our new office and warehouse in the Industrial area of Wijk bij Duurstede, The Netherlands. Currently we are looking for a new location due to our continous growth of over 25% each year. Our sales growth is export driven, and we expect an increase of growth for years to come. The future for Arte Viva looks bright by continually adding new products to our current range. We expect to grow exponentially in our export countries as well. Worldwide, the Finger Alert door guards is the leading product saleswise.

Social responsibility

Some of Arte Viva's production activities are contracted out to Reinaede in Wijk bij Duurstede, which is an institute that employs skilled, mentally disabled staff who carry out production activities like mounting tape on strips and the packaging of the Finger Alert door guards and Corner Guards.

Annually, Arte Viva organizes a hockey clinic for mentally disabled people at Hockey Club Dorsteti, www.dorsteti.nl.

Sourcing new and innovative products

We are proud to be a company with a global distribution network. Innovative products or inventions from potential business partners and inquiries from other clients or distributors are always welcome. In addition, Arte Viva has the knowledge and experience in (re)designing products, arranging production and implementing sales and marketing strategies for new child safety products.