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Door finger guards

Every year, many children's fingers are trapped in the door and doorframe causing serious finger injuries. Finger entrapment in doors mainly happens in the age group 0 to 8 years old and can easily be prevented by our Finger Guards. Finger pinches in the door and the doorjamb is one of the most common causes for visits to hospitals in this age group. To prevent finger entrapment we offer the following door finger guards as a solution: products...

Child safety

Arte Viva is a dynamic Dutch company specialized in innovative niche products in the field of child safety. Our  main focus is finger guards for doors. We design, develop and distribute products which create a safer world for children. We believe that door finger guards, finger protectors and corner guards are essential at schools, kindergartens, nurseries, child daycare centres and home. Arte Viva...


Our child safety products are sold in over 50 countries on 6 continents. Our Door Finger Guard against finger entrapment are the most sold ones in Europe. Our door finger guard and corner protectors are used in schools, child daycare centres, hospitals etc. Actually, everywhere children are around and finger entrapment is possible. In addition to door finger shields and corner protectors, we offer a variety of child safety products as well. contact...

Door Finger Guards

Finger Alert 110º

Door finger guards, Finger guard transparant, Finger guards for doors

  • prevents fingers in door and doorframe
  • for doors opening up to 110°
  • finger guards in transparent


Door Finger Guards

Finger Alert 170-180º

Child safety, Arte Viva, Child safety products

  • door finger guards for kindergartens
  • for doors opening opening up to 170-180º
  • finger guards in white, brown or anthracite


Corner protectors

Corner Guard Deluxe

corner protection child safety

  • corner protectors for kindergartens
  • suitable for inside and outside use
  • mounted with MS polymer kit


Door Finger Guards

Finger Alert Door Blocker

Child safety, Child safety products, Arte Viva

  • prevents fingers in door
  • door protection on the door handle side 
  • easy to install door stopper


Corner protectors

Corner Guard Standard

Child safety, Child safety products, Door finger guards

  • corner protection in transparent, white and grey
  • indoor use only
  • Tesa double-sided tape on strips


Corner protectors

Corner Guard Industrial

Child safety, Finger guards for doors, Safety products

  • wall corner protector Pencil
  • for nurseries and schools
  • mounted with MS polymer kit


Window restrictor

Window Alert

Window Alert, raambeveiliging, kindveiligheid

  • restricted window opening to 10 cm / 4"
  • prevents falling from window
  • child safety in schools


Corner protectors

Corner Guard Table

  • table corner protector
  • easy and simple to install
  • for wood, glass, plastic metal